(Osborne, Myles Gregory - 2012) -- BFA Award for Excellence in Teaching and Pedagogy uri icon



  • A member of the faculty since 2008, Professor Osborne is a gifted teacher, widely praised by his peers as a charismatic lecturer and skilled leader of seminars on sub-Saharan Africa. He is especially interested in the development of African ethnicities in the 19th and 20th centuries as well as how the history of the pre-colonial and colonial periods helps us understand the issues facing Africa today. Professor Osborne also studies British imperialism in Africa, in particular the welfare and development policies instituted in British colonies after World War II.
    Professor Osborne’s lectures come to life through “brilliantly deployed vignettes or case studies” of the human experience, as when he invited his students to examine a South African passbook that black South Africans were required to carry with them during the years of apartheid. Professor Osborne’s colleagues praise his approach to teaching and his engaging and effective teaching style. Said one colleague, “The fact that he has reached this point so early in his career is a matter of some amazement to me.”

year awarded

  • 2012