(Jaggar, Alison M - 2011) -- Elizabeth D. Gee Memorial Lectureship Award uri icon



  • A pioneer in introducing feminist concerns into philosophy and in establishing the discipline of women’s (now gender) studies, Professor Jaggar works in the areas of contemporary social, moral, and political philosophy, often from a feminist perspective. The author of many books and articles, Jaggar introduced gender as a category of analysis into the philosophical debate on global justice. In addition, she is exploring the potential of a naturalized approach to moral epistemology for addressing moral disputes in the context of inequality and cultural difference.
    As a member of the American Philosophical Association, Professor Jaggar has taken a leadership role in working to improve the status of women. At CU, she has supported junior women faculty and mentored many women graduate students who are now established in tenured or tenure-track positions. Among her numerous honors and awards are selection as Professor of Distinction and designation as a Society for Women in Philosophy Distinguished Woman Philosopher. Professor Jaggar is a member of “Fempov,” a multi-disciplinary and international research team whose aim is to produce a new poverty standard capable of revealing the gendered dimensions of global poverty.

year awarded

  • 2011