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Liao, Chen-Ting (Ting)

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  • Sr Research Associate, JILA

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  • Dr. Liao's research interests are fundamental studies of light and light-matter interactions in matter. Key techniques he uses include femtosecond lasers, pump-probe measurement, laser/RF/microwave excitations of materials, tabletop-scale and synchrotron x-rays, optical/x-ray imaging (nanoscale microscopy), spectroscopy, and scattering. My recent research plans also focus on involving and extending quantum nature of light into laser/x-ray optics to enable quantum-enhanced imaging, sensing, metrology, and probing of materials in the future.


  • Quantum sciences, quantum optics, quantum imaging, quantum sensing, and quantum metrology, optical physics, condensed matter physics, lasers and x-rays, optics and photonics, nanomaterials characterization


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