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Yoshinaga-Itano, Christine

Professor Emerita/Emeritus


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  • My research focuses on questions related to developmental outcomes and/or communication issues of children and adults with heairng loss. In addition, my research focuses on and impacts public policy and state systems of education and health and the coordination between them to optimize the development outcomes of children with hearing loss. My research involves longitudinal development of infants and children with hearing loss in order to identify predictor variables and to develop efficacious interventions for auditory skills, language, speech and spoken language, cognitive, social-emotional and academic development.


  • Developmental outcomes of infants and children with hearing loss, pediatric speech perception, auditory skill development, vocal development, spoken language development, receptive language, expressive language, cognitive development, social-emotional development, vestibular skills, socio-economic status and language outcomes, development of languages other than English, language environment, relationship between behavior and neuroscience, parent-infant intervention, counseling, multicultural


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