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Li, Baowen



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  • “Do something interesting and useful. Never follow others, let others follow you!” This is the research philosophy of Dr. Li which has been fully reflected in what he has done so far, in particular in the development of the new emerging field – Phononics and Thermal Metamaterials in which he has made pioneering and significant contributions, at the cross-section of thermal sciences, materials sciences, and nanotechnologies. He has made important and impactful contributions in understanding the heat transport in low dimensional systems, in particular, in clarifying the necessary and sufficient condition of Fourier law, and conceiving fundamental phononic devices like thermal diode, thermal transistor, thermal logic gates, and thermal memory. These works have laid a theoretical foundation for phononics. Most recently, his research has been extended to the thermal metamaterials. Recently he has extended his research to quantum sensors.


  • phonons, heat transfer,condensed matter physics and material science, heat and phonon transfer in nanostructures, phononic devices, thermal diode, thermal transistor, thermal logic gates, thermal memory, quantum memory, thermal metamaterials, thermal cloak, thermal concentrator, thermal camouflage, thermal lens, thermoelectric materials, wast heat harvesting, heat conduction, energy diffusion, statistical mechanics, phonon detection, quantum network, quantum sensors, quantum computing


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courses taught

  • MCEN 5020 - Methods of Engineering Analysis 1
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2018 / Fall 2019
    Studies selected topics from linear algebra, ordinary differential equations, and Fourier series. Assigns computer exercises. Correlates with analysis topics in other mechanical engineering graduate courses, and emphasizes applications.
  • MSEN 5919 - Special Topics in MSE
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2020
    Offers an opportunity for special topics in MSE. Subject arrangement to fit the needs of the program. May be repeated up to 10 total credit hours.


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